Friend Agency

I was watching a programme recently on TV that got me thinking about friendship. What is friendship? How important is friendship? And do humans needs friends?

Some people judge friendship by the amount of time they spend together, spend talking to each other or thinking about each other. I personally think that friendship is a connection, which has to be a two way street. A friend is someone you care about and want the best for. Someone that you think about and someone you want to keep in touch with.

I’m not sure if I would jump to the word need but I think there is something inside many of us that craves friendship, yet sadly many people live without friendship in their lives. Nobody goes around with a sign saying I need or I want a friend, but I believe there are many of us out there would like a new friend or want more friends. To have friends is to feel supported and to know when things aren’t going right you have someone to talk to.

I don’t think all friends are for life, if many at all, but I believe we should treasure the time they are in our lives and always be ready to make a new friend. Even if you don’t need a new friend there are many out there that do.

I think if we as a world were more open to creating more friendships then the world would be a much happier place. Never dismiss the impact of friendship, as I think it can help change the way you view yourself, the world and your place in it.

To me friendship is a bit like dating. Now that sounds a little wrong but hear me out… In this day and age when you become an adult it’s very hard to know where to go to find someone to date and when you do go out how do you know who is single or who is interested in a relationship? Does this sound a bit like making friends? Don’t know where to go to find some or how to find out who wants to be your friend?

One of my many business ideas in my head (when I say many I mean hundreds) is instead of starting a dating agency to start a friend agency. I think if someone could make finding friends easier people would pay money for that.

Friendships are normally formed through common interests – but is that enough to sustain a good friendship that stands the test of time? Like eharmony where you have to go through many profiling questions and then you are presented with matches based on compatibility, could something similar be done to match you up with people that are likely to be good friends for you? As if a friendship is just based around common interests if your interests changed would you still be friends.

To end with this week I have two questions – will anyone steal my business idea? But the second and most important – will you be a friend to someone who needs it?

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