Happy and content

I think the people who are truly happy in life are those that can smile through their own contentness (I know there is no such word). I think people confuse being content with doing nothing and just letting life pass you by, but I don’t think that is what content is.

I think being content is about being happy from within and not needing events to happen around you to make you happy. Lets not find our happiness in inanimate objects and events, let’s find happiness inside of us and in each other.

Now we are all guilty of looking at the lives of other people and thinking that they lead cool lives and do cool things, but just because it seems cool, is it? Are they happy? Would you actually enjoy that life? Through knowing someone on social media or through the press you just hear the highlights, not the real life.

Whilst you’re busy wishing you had someone else’s life – so are they! Or someone else will be wishing they had your life. For many people happiness is a façade or something they feel pressured to be, “I have everything so I should be happy” they might think to themselves. Happiness shouldn’t be something you feel guilted (again not sure if that’s a word) in to feeling.

If you do anything for long enough it becomes routine and this is when if you are not content and happy, what made you happy to start with won’t any more and you will be searching for something different or something better. Don’t waste your time searching for the next high, start searching for internal happiness instead.

Don’t look down your nose people or call them boring just because they may do a 9 – 5 in an office and watch the same TV show every night, applaud them for being happy if that is what they are. We need to stop celebrating achievements and start celebrating happiness.

Success isn’t happiness but happiness is success.

One thought on “Happy and content

  1. Great word. We are empowered to decide whether we choose to be happy/content or not…our choice.


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