Be the author of your life

Can you remember what was happening on this same day last year? Now unless the date today is a significant one for you for extremely happy or extremely sad reasons, my guess is that you can’t. You can say I would have been at work or at school but besides from that you would struggle to say what you did and what you achieved that day.

That last paragraph is the reason why I like to challenge myself on a regular basis and make things happen. I don’t want to live a life of just getting from one day to the next just existing in a world and letting it pass me by. I’ve tried many things in life, some have been successful and some haven’t but with every new thing I have tried its made me want to try and do more.

I want to look back on life thinking I made everyday count, that I made a difference and that I enjoyed as many moments on this earth as possible.

Everyday is a chance to write the story of your life. The question is come the end what story is it going to be? A story of tragedy and triumph? The greatest love story ever told? The biggest adventure, blockbuster ever imaginable? Never forget that you are the author of your life and you deicide how its going to go.

It’s never too late to change an ending, the plot or direction of your life. You can change the characters in it, the location, the circumstances, it is all literally in your hands. I for one am excited to see where your story is going to go and how it is going to change.

2 thoughts on “Be the author of your life

  1. Great word…don’t like your life change it. We can’t change our past so learn from it and move on and make the changes in our future to a better ending.


  2. unlike a published book we can edit our life whenever we want


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