Feeling Privileged

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of being able to go to Wembley Stadium and do Audio Description for the NFL International Series game, between Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders for Alan March Sport Ltd.

Thanks to good friends and hard work I have been afforded many great opportunities in life and this is one of them. It is such a privileged position to be able to work at an event that many have paid vast sums of money to attend, to be able to contribute to the event is such an amazing feeling.

This Saturday I will be far away from the glitz and glamour of Wembley and the NFL, I will be at Home Park home of Plymouth Argyle who currently play in League 2 the lowest league of professional football (soccer) in England, doing Audio Description on their game with Shrewsbury. With less than 10% of the crowd size that attended Wembley the game on all levels will be completely different.

The size of the event doesn’t change the fact that I am in a privileged position again getting to attend a game that many will pay to go to and doing a job that many others would like to do. Plymouth Argyle is where I started doing Audio Description and now 6 years in, I make sure to remember the feeling I got when I first got the position and did my first game.

Going to live sporting events is exciting and having the privilege to be involved them makes it all that much better. I think it is important that no matter what we do or achieve that we don’t belittle it and that we celebrate it. If you’re proud of something don’t be afraid to be proud of it and don’t justify how you feel by the size or scope of what you do.

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