I have now been back in the country for more than a week but I am still buzzing after two weeks spent roadtripping across America.

The buzz has inspired me to write this blog post on the importance of holidays. Now I am more than aware that being in a position to take and afford holidays is a privileged position because not everyone is able to, but I think those that can should. Holidays can be expensive depending on where and when you go but I think they bring back a lot more value in other ways.

The two main things a holiday can do the first is give you energy by being away from work or school and removing the stress and strains for a little while, the second is give you memories that will last a life time. If you had stayed at home that last Tuesday would have followed the same pattern as any other but by being away you remember it so much more clearly as it is different and because you aren’t doing things on holiday that you do everyday it lodges memories that you will never forget.

I think you can learn a lot by going to another country. Before you leave you get to test your planning and organizing skills to jump through the necessary hoops to make it happen. Whilst out there you will be really working on your communication skills especially if there is a language barrier and you will also be learning how to communicate with people of a different culture and background.

I think going on holiday can bring you back a better person with more understanding of others and a knowledge of a different culture which are all helpful in day to day life.

So go for the sun, the food, the entertainment or whatever your reasons are for choosing a holiday destination and I promise that you will benefit from your holiday in more ways than you originally thought. Not sure when my next holiday will be but I know I will treasure it when I go on it.

2 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. This was right on. I have always been a strong proponent of taking vacations with and without the kids. Since we have never had the extra money to take lavish vacations, we decided to be creative and go for short and sweet and often. We are fortunate to live in Orlando, FL and close to a beach. We both love the sun and surf so, we often take a long weekend to get reacquainted and refueled. We have been married 43 years now and still work hard at keeping our marriage strong and our family close. You can’t accomplish that with a yearly vacation so we go for the short distance and greater frequency. What ever works for you is what is best. Thanks Adam for sharing your thoughts.


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