Writing is Therapy

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was because I enjoy writing down the thoughts that go around my head and sharing them with the world in order to provoke conversation and to make people think.

Before I started this blog I completed writing a book based on my experiences whilst caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. The book like this blog gave me chance to write down my emotions and experiences during this period, to give advice and to ask questions about how we can change the world for those affected by mental health issues.

Now that the book is finished I am trying to get the book published. I know this could be a long arduous process with many knock backs on the way but I truly believe this is a book that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. Throughout this process I constantly remind myself of the pack of cards analogy, that if I keep turning over cards eventually I will come to an ace and that ace for me will be a book publisher who is willing to help me get my books out to the masses.

Personally I believe that it is therapeutic to write down your thoughts and your experiences. You don’t have to share the writing with the world but I think writing things down on paper or typing it in to a computer screen can help you explore your thoughts and the way you think. I think the more you write and the more you type the more things you will work out.

When looking back on things or just thinking about things it is easy to sometimes forget why you were sad, happy, angry or mad in the first place. You spend so much time thinking that you can’t remember what started you on that trail of thought. So just for remembering purposes I think writing things down can be handy.

I would much prefer people did this than splurge it all over facebook and the like. We have all got friends on facebook who we think “over share” or are always negative. If they instead of writing statuses instantly on facebook, started writing just for their eyes only or just confided in a one on one way with a close friend I think they would get more benefit from it but that’s just my two pence worth.

I think writing is important but the way you share it or not share it is the key to what you get out of it.

One thought on “Writing is Therapy

  1. I have found that writing my thoughts down can also bring emotional healing. Back many years ago, I was going through one of the most difficult trials of my life. I was betrayed by someone that I trusted that brought my integrity into question. I just couldn’t seem to get past the hurt and it was rapidly turning into bitterness and anger. I refused to lower myself to fight back with words that I would ultimately regret. So I began the journey of keeping a journal that eventually morphed into writing a book. The more I wrote the better I felt and the healing was eventually completed. I never completed the book though as I realized what I needed had been accomplished.


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