This week in the neighbouring city to us (Plymouth, England) they had the annual National Fireworks Championships, last year when it was on me and my wife were away but as we were home this year we made sure we were up there to watch.

I’ve got to say I love fireworks. To me fireworks symbolize celebrations and new beginnings as normally you see fireworks at celebrations, new years or if you are in America 4th of July.

I enjoy a spectacle and fireworks are just that, they are something that amaze and something that anyone who lives nearby can enjoy as no one can stop you looking up at the sky.

In Plymouth this week we gathered with thousands of others to watch and it was great to see how it was a real family event, with all generations sat together to watch the fireworks. That’s the great thing about fireworks, they appeal to all ages and something you can go to as a family.

When I looked around during the fireworks you could just see people looking up and smiling, taking in the wonder of what they were seeing, it was such a great thing to be apart of and such a feel good atmosphere enjoying fireworks in that way.

I have to say a big well done to everyone involved in staging the event in Plymouth and it is fantastic to have an event like it on our doorstep and an event that is free to go to.

Fireworks aren’t going to change the world but I think they can raise your spirits, bring smiles and give you hope.

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