The Internet breeds distrust

It seems these days that no one will take anything at face value which in a way is a good thing as it means that people are more savvy and are less likely to be duped in to do something bad. If you hear or see something and aren’t sure about it today most people would go on the internet to research it and based on what they saw on the front page of google or on Wikipedia they will make their mind up.

I think this approach makes it harder for charities to raise money. If someone thinks one charity is bad they will blanket all charities with the same opinion so be less likely to give money. Not only this but if they hear one bad thing about your charity they will not look at the hundreds of positives as people only seem to focus on the negatives.

Before the internet charities did bad things but because no one knew about them people still gave to them. Today the internet gives everyone a platform and if one person says something negative about your charity people believe them. No one researches the person with an opinion.

Most information you read on the internet is out of context and if you were in the charity itself you would think differently about the way a charity operates. Charities are trying to do the most with the money they have, like profit making businesses they make mistakes but because they are charities they don’t seem to be given the same grace as profit making businesses.

Charities come under so much scrutiny and in a way that is a good thing but I think it is important that we don’t set impossible standards for them to reach as by doing this they can do nothing but fail.

One thought on “The Internet breeds distrust

  1. Good word and a reminder to carefully research but to realistically judge to form our opinions.


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