The reason why there was no blog last Saturday was because I was at the wedding of a good friend of my wife’s.

After getting married earlier this year this was the first wedding my wife and me had attended together as wedding guests and we had a fantastic time. Not only was it a great weekend, but it also inspired the subject to blog about this week.

On top of everything that weddings mean for the couple getting married I think they are important events in society and are good events to attend. I think regardless of what is happening in life you just can’t help but be happy at a wedding. Weddings are truly one of lives greatest celebrations. I just left the wedding with such a feel good factor that I think they are worth the miles, the cost and time to attend.

People will travel from anywhere to attend a wedding if they are invited. They will drive for hours or travel across oceans to be there for that event. People will move other events and plan around it unlike any other event or celebration that I have seen. When my wife and I got married we expected to have a good percentage of the people we invited not be able to make it but in the end it was less than a handful that couldn’t come.

I think weddings bring out the project manager in all of us and they show with such a small group of people what can be achieved. I think when it’s for a wedding, people will just make things happen, people find ways rather than excuses. Its one of those events where people want to help and would be willing to do anything you asked to help, which I think is rare in todays society.

Weddings are an event regardless of size that take so many man-hours to plan and execute. If you compared the hours spent on a wedding to the hours a wedding event goes on I think the difference in time would be staggering but when you’re day is here and you look back on your day you will always think it is worth it.

So next time you get a wedding invite make sure you go. I think they are great for the soul and a great part of our society. Each wedding is special in its own way and you will never forget the weddings you go to.

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