A Loss For The World To See

Recently Brazil lost 7 -1 against Germany in the football World Cup in their own home country, in the semi-finals. Now before the tournament if you said Brazil would lose in the semi-final you would say that was a good prediction going on form and the number of other top teams in the tournament. Brazil losing in the semi-finals could have been a moment for them to go out with their heads held high but because of the score line they couldn’t. In the World Cup knockout stages winning by 1 goal or 6 changes nothing as both will see you either going onwards or going home depending what end of the score line you were on. So why should a score line matter?

They lose 1 game out of 6 they played and Brazil are humiliated. Based on just over 90 minutes of football on one day they are ridiculed. If it had happened in a friendly or a qualifier it would have been less of an event but because it happened in the world cup and in their own country the game was magnified beyond all normal levels.

You can look at the team I support Arsenal and look at the 6 and 5 goal thumping’s they had against Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City, or you can look at their first trophy win in 9 years. I think when things like this happens it really brings in to contrast what we deem as success and what we deem as failure.

For countless hours football teams and players train to try and win games of football. They dedicate every facet of their life to it in some cases but all the fans see is the time on the pitch. For all but the 90 minutes of the game they players may have done everything right but nobody judges them on that.

I think as a fan of a team and just in life in general that we define in our own heads what we think success is. This case would seem to show that failures get more attention than successes which I think is a shame as I think we should aspire more people to succeed than scaring them of failing.

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